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Our Designer

Carla Dorge

Carla Dorge is not only an artist of fashion design, but an illustrator of style and body requisites. The fabrics, the technical side of pattern making, shapes and flow, empowers her clients with key pieces to highlight their best attributes.

As a young girl, seduced by the magic of beautiful fabric, dressing up in costume for stage in the performing arts, she started the love affair which lead her to be the international acclaimed designer she is today. Guided by her talented and encouraging mother, the discipline and love ensured she travelled the world to develop her craft.

Living in Kazakhstan, Amsterdam, Budapest, Angola, Houston, her knowledge of fine fabric and how to wrap the body in it, was born. The travel was the reason to develop an efficient and practical, stylish travel wardrobe, of which Mode Voyage represents today.

Carla’s mission is to exceed customer expectations, to inspire women of all generations, to feel beautiful and love the reflection they see looking back in the mirror.




About Mode Voyage

With a signature style that transcends trends and age groups MV is one of very few Australian designed and made premier labels.

We use high quality and unique fabrics that all travel well with cut and body shape totally at the forefront.

MV strives to honour ethical and responsible fashion and is very proud that this all takes place on the Gold Coast.

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